Serving Southeastern Wisconsin in painting and sandblasting for over 25 years

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We can offer in shop Blasting & Painting

  • Overhead crane with 10 ton capacity
  • Fork lifts 8000lbs to 14,000lbs
  • Rail system for 10,000lbs - 20,000lbs
  • Able to blast with different media - SAME DAY!

  • Aluminum oxide blast media used on iron.

  • Glass bead media used for stainless

  • Cabinet blasting for small parts

  • 20 x 40 ft. blast room

Blast Booth for Large Parts

12 x 20ft. Spray Booth

  • Liquid paints only (inc. epoxy, enamels, urethanes)
  • Airless, conventional and air assist airless spraying
  • Heat lamps for drying.

20 x 40ft Spray Booth


Neman Painting & Sandblasting
Serving Southestern Wisconsin in painting and sandblasting for 25 years
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